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The Witness Engines connect directly to live data feeds and process the incoming datastream into sound.
Developed by award winning composer and sound artist, Michael Begg, the Witness Engines consume environmental and climate data which is then transformed into music.
This is no ordinary music – it lives and evolves, dynamically, in real time for so long as the engine remains on and active.
The Witness Engines offer new perspectives, and new modes of engagement to our sense of solastalgia our anxiety concerning our environmental crises.
For the scientific research community, the Witness Engines provide unprecedented potential for outreach and engagement.

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The Engines

Derived from musical 'instruments' devised by Michael Begg, the engines offer various approaches to realising the voice of environmental crisis.

Witness 3

Witness 3, featuring Michael Begg and Clodagh Simonds will be available to download from June 5th on the Omnempathy Bandcamp.

Witness 3 features positional data from satellites and vocal clusters triggered by their orbital relationships

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Engine Release

The Omnempathy label has released the Witness series on Bandcamp to help showcase the sounds of the Witness Engines.

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Get Connected

The Witness Engines make use of open data made available to the public from these groups. They all deserve your support. Please visit their sites to learn more about their work


Flexible APIs offering live and archival data. A range of packages available

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Live positional data, maps and visualisations covering thousands of satellites.

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The European Space Agency’s Earth Observation initiative offers an astonishing range of free, open tools and services covering earth, land, sea, ice and air monitoring.

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Global community of activists, enthusiasts and scientists with a mission to address inequality in air quality. Live and archival data available.
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